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Feb 28, 2013

Competitive Intelligence vs Espionage REI

Most people have a general understanding of what espionage is but may have trouble distinguishing the difference between corporate espionage and competitive intelligence (CI). Furthermore, are they legal, ethical, and accept... (Read More »)
Feb 26, 2013

Step-by-Step Instructions for Crime-Solving in the City, By JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN, NY Times

Detective work is measured in hunches followed, stories picked apart, doors knocked on and shoes worn through. Equal parts art and science, such tradecraft has long been passed down informally, one generation of investigator... (Read More »)
Feb 24, 2013

Common Signs That Your Candidate’s Diploma is Fake, Merry Schwartzmiller , Justifacts

When you perform a web search for “diploma mill”, “degree mill”, or “life experience degree”, a number of results will catch your eye.  Some of the websites, such as www.speedydegree... (Read More »)
Feb 22, 2013

When to Use Credit History As Part of the Background Screening Process/ Andy Yoder , Justifacts

Credit checks, when included as part of a complete background report, provide insight into an applicant’s integrity and responsibility toward his or her financial obligations. Some employers only request a credit his... (Read More »)
Feb 20, 2013

German spy chief says targets Russian, Chinese industrial espionage/ Reporting by Stephen Brown, Reuters

  German spy chief says targets Russian, Chinese industrial espionage Mon, Feb 18 2013 The head of Germany's military intelligence said in a rare interview that one of his main challenges was to protect defense project... (Read More »)
Feb 20, 2013

Cyber Crime Investigative Techniques/ by William Lynch, Demand Media

Cybercriminals have emerged as a dangerous threat to the law enforcement community. Cybercrime, defined as any illegal activity committed using computers, has emerged as a serious threat to individuals, businesses and even ... (Read More »)
Feb 17, 2013

Why Attorneys Should Hire Private Investigators/ Thomas Humphreys, Pursuit Magazine

If you’re a busy attorney, and you’ve never considered hiring a private investigator, you’re throwing away money. Here’s why: No matter how skilled, experienced, or efficient you are, you can’t... (Read More »)
Feb 15, 2013

The Spy Novelist Who Knows Too Much/ by Robert F. Worth, NY Times

Last June, a pulp-fiction thriller was published in Paris under the title “Le Chemin de Damas.” Its lurid green-and-black cover featured a busty woman clutching a pistol, and its plot included the requisite car c... (Read More »)
Feb 14, 2013

Criminal background checks now on the OFCCP's radar/ by atty Christine Hendrickson

In a major surprise, the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (“OFCCP”) joined ranks with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) to target the use o... (Read More »)
Feb 11, 2013

CIA Admits to Montioring Facebook (as reprinted from RAW STORY)

  Most people use social media like Facebook and Twitter to share photos of friends and family, chat with friends and strangers about random and amusing diversions, or follow their favorite websites, bands and televis... (Read More »)
Feb 4, 2013

We can now provide clients background checks and investigative work in Israel.

Intelligence & Investigative Solutions, Ltd., is now offering background checks, due diligence investigations and legal records searches for clients that need them done in Israel. If there is a need we have the ability t... (Read More »)
Feb 3, 2013

Applying Fundamental Attribution Error to the Investigation /by Amy Thomson, PI Now

On March 11, 2004 four of Madrid’s train stations were hit with what CBS called the deadliest terrorist attack on Europe in decades. Bombs were planted inside trains and near stations, set to explode almost simultaneou... (Read More »)
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