How Difficult Is It to Pick a Deadbolt Lock?

Easier than you think. As YouTube has proven, even little kids can pick a lock. Make sure that your deadbolt isn’t dead-easy to crack open. The DIY experts at Stack Exchange offer answers on keeping your deadbolt locked tight.


I wonder how secure my deadbolt lock is.

How difficult is it for a professional to open such a lock?

Answer: Simply Stated
Any lock can be opened. The questions are:

– How long will it take?
– How much skill is required?
– What tools are needed?

Depending on the particular deadbolt, it will be somewhere between trivial and moderately difficult. At some point, anyone who wants to get in will just move to the windows or other weak points.

Answer: How Secure Is Your Deadbolt?
In general, a professional is going to be able to open anything you have, because that’s what they do all day. The reality though is that with the exception of high security locks like Medeco, it doesn’t even take a professional to open them. But you ask about a deadlock, so let me provide some background…

A deadbolt is more about resisting kicking open or using a credit card to slide in and raise the bolt. It’s not so much about being harder to pick, as the lock mechanism in it is going to be extremely similar to a normal door handle lock.

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