Dec 3, 2017


Intelligence & Investigative Solutions is happy to let you know that getting criminal and civil records around the globe just got easier!   You can now access background information in over 200 countries and te... (Read More »)
Sep 16, 2017

Reno Hired Private Investigator to Check Out Strip Clubs/ Reno Gazette-Journal

Reno's city attorney hired a private investigator to go undercover to strip clubs to look for illicit behavior, and now officials are wondering what the investigator found and what they should do about it. Other city offici... (Read More »)
Apr 26, 2017

Mayoral candidate Bo Dietl 'illegally' pulled journalist phone, credit records for Fox News execs/by NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Mayoral hopeful Bo Dietl "illegally secured journalists’ phone records and credit reports" at the behest of Fox News executives, a new lawsuit charged. Andrea Tantaros’s new suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court... (Read More »)
Apr 13, 2017

Bardstown Mayor Removed from Office/ Ch 11 WHAS, staff

The Bardstown City Council has found Mayor John Royalty guilty of official misconduct and has officially removed him from his position as mayor of Bardstown.   This after a hearing into the matter that lasted two days... (Read More »)
Sep 23, 2016

Who’s cheering Brangelina split? The private investigation industry./ KARI PAUL,

The marriage of one of Hollywood’s most famous couples came crashing to an end this week, reportedly thanks in part to some clandestine work from a private investigator. According to Page Six, Angelina Jolie file... (Read More »)
Aug 27, 2016

Private Eye-"A bit of an oddball in this business"/ by Nell Porter Brown, Harvard Magazine

While snooping for signs that a suburban salon was illegally shooting up its clients with Botox, Sarah Alcorn ’90 [6] went undercover: “I wore too much makeup and acted like a ditz.” Sea... (Read More »)
Aug 7, 2016

Seattle Hiring Private Investigator to Hunt for Police Whistleblower/ The Stranger by Ansel Herz

City Attorney Pete Holmes, like Mayor Ed Murray, is attempting to blame the rejection of the city's latest contract offer by the Seattle Police Officers Guild on aleak to The Stranger, and his office said Wednesday... (Read More »)
Feb 27, 2015


There's a unique consumer service for those who are single and tired of going on bad dates or for those with relationship issues. Some people are turning to private investigators for help.  With so many prospects and s... (Read More »)
Feb 1, 2015

Web Sends Lovers Flocking to Private Eyes to Find Out Truth/ By JOE PALAZZOLO Wall Street Journal

Private detectives increasingly are helping lovers solve an age-old question: Is my partner marriage-material? Investigators across the nation say business has boomed in recent years from clients who want their sweethearts ... (Read More »)
Jan 4, 2015

Private Investigator enjoys Variety/ Greg Brock @ Altoona Mirror

The term private detective conjures up all sorts of images, from hardboiled Sam Spade to the gritty Jim Rockford. For a Blair County private detective, day-to-day life is a bit different than the stuff of books and televisi... (Read More »)
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