Worst’ process server way off mark: watchdog

Serving legal papers wasn’t his strong suit, the city says.

The city’s worst process server claimed to be hand-delivering court summonses to deadbeats all over the city, but GPS records revealed he was often miles from his mark or totally off the grid, according to the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Robert Winckelmann, 41, lost his city-issued license after a sweeping DCA investigation discovered he was not actually serving legal papers to defendants, the city says.

In one case from November 2011, Winckelmann, a Jericho, LI, resident, drove to The Bronx and swore on an affidavit that he served a summons on Fox Street to a relative of a woman being sued by creditors for $6,098, according to court records.

But at the time of alleged service, he was three miles away at the Cross Bronx Expressway and Newbold Avenue, GPS records indicated.

Later that day, he claimed to serve three more summonses in The Bronx, on East 149th Street, the Grand Concourse or Bronx Park South, but electronic records again proved that he was miles away, DCA said.

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