Parents Hire Private Investigators to Confront Facebook Bullies/ in Internet Safety & Privacy

Parents are willing to do anything to protect their children. In Australia, that can include paying up to $800 a day to private investigators to track down and even confront Facebook users who are bullying their children. According to concerned parents and investigators, police and school officials don’t do enough to stop bullying, so they have stepped in to remedy the situation themselves.

“There are two things I do,” said former Australian private investigator Jason King. “Either I put some stuff together and send it to the family, so they can choose what to do with the information, or we take it to the school or police to deal with… I’ve also done a fair few hate pages as well, with families who are grieving contacting me to determine who has set up a Facebook site targeting them.”

According to the private investigators interviewed by The Daily Telegraph, almost all bullies stopped their activity when confronted by an investigator. But still, these drastic measures beg the question: what can Facebook do to prevent cyber-bullying, and why don’t schools and the police take greater action? Investigator Jason King said that he receives, on average, three calls a day regarding Facebook bullying. While private investigators may be an effective way of stopping cyber-bullying, there should be a more official way to hold the perpetrators accountable

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