Private investigator searches for missing Spring girl four years after she disappeared/ by Tiffany Craig / KHOU 11 News

Family and friends of missing teen Ali Lowitzer will remember the girl four years after she disappeared.

“I’ll never forget about her but I also don’t want anyone else to forget about her because it’s been four years,” said Ali’s mom Jo Ann Lowitzer.

Lowitzer has been given new hope recently by a private investigator named Amber Cammack.

She’s the PI who has come closer than anyone else to cracking the case of the girl who would now be 20.

She believes Ali might have been trafficked to Columbus, Ohio and was being kept at a brothel.

“We know this girl exists that resembles Ali,” said Cammack. “We know that she is being prostituted out but we cannot say that it is our Ali until we get our hands on her.”

When police raided the house in January, they didn’t find Ali.

Back home in Spring, Jo Ann Lowitzer is printing flyers and bookmarks and preparing to remember her daughter four years after she disappeared.

“You wanna hope that she is alive because she’s your child, Lowitzer told us. “But for four years thinking of what she could be going through, you kinda hope that she’s not alive anymore.”

On Saturday, April 26, Lowitzer and Cammack will be at the strip mall where Ali used to work at 22760 Cypresswood Drive in Spring handing out flyers with Ali’s information printed on them and child ID kits

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