Blog » December 2012

Senate Judiciary Committee approves email warrant legislation

WASHINGTON — Over objections from law enforcement officials, the Senate Judiciary Committee has approved Read More

Real-Life Private Detective Tales: Three Memorable Christmas Investigations

Today being Christmas, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite investigation stories Read More

Tis the Season of Holiday Scams

In song, the gifts of Christmas include partridges, turtle doves and French hens. But Read More

Private Investigator: Not Easy To Crack Theft Ring Cases

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s not your typical theft ring; a group of middle-aged men Read More

Lloyds hires private investigator following bullying bosses claims

LLOYDS has hired the world’s biggest corporate investigator to probe shocking claims of bullying Read More

U.N. Report Reveals International Protocol for Tracking People Online

In the shadowy world of electronic surveillance, tactics used by law enforcement agencies are Read More

Worst’ process server way off mark: watchdog

Serving legal papers wasn’t his strong suit, the city says. The city’s worst process Read More

Government Cannot be Sued for Violating its Own Wiretapping Laws

There’s more bad news on the Fourth Amendment front as the appeals court reviewing Read More

Psst, Your Amazon Kindle Is Spying On You

For literature lovers, nothing beats spending the evening alone with a good book. But Read More

Wiretapping Laws More Lenient Than You Think

We’ve all seen those episodes of Law & Order or CSI where the informant Read More

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